Don’t Mess With These Dames! Our First Special Edition Coloring Book is now available.

By Bernieo, August 23, 2016

Rediscovering the forgotten Lady Crime-Fighters, Super Heroines, Sci-Fi Super Women and swinging Jungle Goddesses from the Golden Age of Adventure Comics – Romance Comic Coloring Books presents:
Don’t Mess With These Dames! Coloring Book.

But first, here’s a question for you. How many Super women comic crime fighters can you name?

“Ok, lets see, there’s Wonder Woman, errr… then Super Girl, and then there’s  Buffy the Vampire Slayer, umm, She-Hulk? And…OH WAIT, BATGIRL! And…and, gee there’s got to be a lot more then that?” Well there was at one time, during the Golden Age of Adventure Comics. Every newsstand featured an army of gang – busting, tough talking, no nonsense ladies, or Dames as the parlance of the times allowed, protecting innocent citizens from criminals, alien brain eaters, or rogue Gorillas, depending on where the heroine’s story line was set. Some had super powers, others had just plain moxie to successfully wrestle Rascaldom to its knees.

Face it, if you were a super villain, a racketeer, a nefarious enemy agent or a Zombie horde from planet Zeraap, from around that time, there’s no way you would want to mess with any one of these ladies in this baker’s dozen of crime battling beauties. Each featured Heroine in need of coloring has a full back story revealing their origins, secret identities and crime fighting methods.

PLUS included as a bonus a two-page action packed adventure story, Black Cat or Vampire?

Why Color Mandalas When You Can Color Drama. And believe me,  this coloring books is filled with drama!

Bernie – Editor

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